Product Warranty 

All products that you will find in are covered by 1 YEAR WARRANTY.
The product warranty is in any case the official computerized proof of purchase of the product issued by our company when you receive a product.
The product warranty is provided and is the responsibility of our company for the products we import.
To make use of the warranty of the product , the product must necessarily be accompanied by the purchase of computerized document ( original or copy ) (preferably a copy ) .
In case of absence of the purchase receipt , the warranty does not apply and are not covered by the terms of the product warranty .
We do not accept any other means other than the purchase receipt as proof of purchase.

In any case, the warranty covers the proper functioning of the product and no injuries or damage from misuse of the consumer.
We recommend that you always read the product's instructions and use them in the manner and for the use described in the instructions.
If you have additional questions regarding the operation and use of the appliance please immediately contact the technical department of our company ( tel 25510-38701 ) before using the device .
In no case damage from bad stream or a power of PPC , you are not covered by the product warranty.
If the defective product has a manufacturing fault, it will be replaced.
In any event, before the replacement of the, the product will be a technicaly inspected and evaluated by our company.
The sole responsibility to evaluate a product ( as defective ) falls upon the technical department of our company .
The warranty does not apply to "burn " loudspeakers .

The product warranty covers the products themselves and not the cost of transport (to and from the buyer).
In any case , even in defective products , it is the responsibility and expense of the final consumer to the product reaches us and sent back to the buyer .

If you would like us to recommend you the shortest and most economical way to send the product, you may contact us .