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Professional Sound

Professional sound products


Speaker Stands

Speaker Stands made of aluminum or iron for floor, wall and ceiling mounting..

Microphone Consoles

Microphone Consoles for churches, conference rooms, public address, open areas, music halls and more.

Active Consoles

Active Consoles for churches, conferense rooms, public address, open areas, music halls and more.

Professional Speakers

Professional Active and Passive Speakers for heavy duty indoor or outdoor applications.

DJ Consoles - DJ Racks

Consoles and complete rack systems for DJs.

Microphone Stands

Microphone stands for all types.

Equalizers - Crossovers

Graphic equalizers and crossover circuits for the professional user.

Speaker Accesories

Accessories for speaker cabinets

Power Amplifiers

Power amplifiers for heavy duty usage with high durability and efficiency.

100 Volt Amplifiers

100 Volt Amplifiers for large area installations.

Horn Speakers & Driver Units

Horn Speakers & Driver Uvits for public address systems.

Power Megaphones

Power Megaphones with extremely low feedback, made of impact and scratch resistant materials.

CD Cases

CD Cases made of aluminum for professional use or plastic for home use.

Musical Instruments Amplifiers

Musical Instruments Amplifiers with superior quality and fidelity.

100V Speakers

for public address installations and public areas

12V Amplifiers

12V Amplifiers for public address throu cars.

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